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PLAEX, creator of the first building blocks made of 

100% recicled


retained JOT to assist in the suitability of the products for the Global markets outside Canada as well as demonstrate the art of the possible

How do you use a 200-year-old building with a listed front, a  strongly  damaged courtyard, and 19th century ceiling-hights that no investor can base their finances on?

Rethink floors,

add one more floor on the inside, and create unique space for each apartment unit.  Remove two of the corridors to save space, fire- and smoke-protection .


Renovation and extention of 

mid century home

apartman block


Renovation and extention of

old cellar and winyard

experimenting on solutions for zero emmission build


Renovation and extention of

old cellar to home

Using recicled materials under extremely difficult geofrafical conditions