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Urban concept and social housing



Competition winning  leed gold office building for German Client IVG going

beyond leed

– list.

The result of  a thorough analise of urban context – street structure, wind directions, sunlight underground water streams -  existing buildings, usage of land and details.

Permit: 2014

How to connect points of different hights for pedestrians, trams, busses and tube

as well as create a 

Pleasant urban envinronment

with shops and cafés protecting them from frost and rain

Competition winning  urban development for international client

Using maximum advantage of


location with an almost irreal breef on area usage and miriad of functions. The project starded in 2001, individual buildings were designed by different architects. Some of the buildings are just being finished.

Competition winning  urban layout and multi-purpose building


water circuit

for heating a cooling its different functions. The Client’s brief required ca. 40% more land than available, so the design used underground space for functions that needed daylight and open space.